Half of heart attack victims have what are considered normal cholesterol readings. Obviously we are not doing something right in how we identify and treat potential victims of cardiac disease. Current cholesterol tests have the same reliability as a coin flip in predicting who is at risk for heart attacks. Doctors and patients need access to better diagnostic tests and treatment options. Unfortunately, they often don't even know what options exist.


In this rapidly evolving field of medicine, primary care physicians are hard pressed to keep up with advances in life-saving laboratory tests and medications. This has led to the creation of a new medical specialty that deals with lipid disorders. Lipids are a group of fats stored in the body that include cholesterol and triglycerides.


Dr. Paul Ziajka is a pioneer in this field. He founded the Florida Lipid Institute in 1987. It remains the only medical practice in the state devoted exclusively to cholesterol disorders. Dr. Ziajka is certified by both the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Clinical Lipidology. He works with patients and doctors in creating individual treatment plans. They include advanced blood tests, the most effective medications (including alternatives to statins) and dietary counseling.


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